About Us

Welcome to Couleur Caramel - the natural, mineral and certified organic make-up brand that has arrived to the UK fresh from the world’s beauty capital, Paris.

This French cosmetics brand, unique for its professional quality, is stirring a revolution across Europe. It has been praised by make-up professionals in the motion pictures industry as “the most sought after by both female and male actors”. It has been used by the likes of Eva Longoria and was featured in Grazia and Hello magazines.

Couleur Caramel justifies its scrumptious name – it gives you comfort and inner glow. Our products are all-natural and made of the finest ingredients free from any artificial additives. They are ecologically friendly and reasonably priced.

Couleur Caramel is all about the feeling of well-being and finesse, or the “Oolala!”, as the French put it.

RESPECT is our motto

Couleur Caramel’s first and most important value is respect. We respect our customers’ health and beauty, as well as their time and money. We respect nature and the animal world. We embrace innovation and uphold tradition.


Couleur Caramel products are all-in-one natural, organic and mineral. We use mineral raw material from trusted sources and organically grown plant-based active ingredients. The plants in Couleur Caramel make-up are cultivated under strict control on lands free from chemical fertilizers, and are harvested with utmost care. Our formulas are free from synthetic or petroleum-derived ingredients. We do not use parabens, artificial dyes or fragrances.


Couleur Caramel cosmetics benefit from pigmentary content of professional standard, which means that we offer a large make-up range with bright, long-lasting colours. Furthermore, the process of micronisation (with particles several times thinner than in ordinary powders) provides an exceptionally smooth and homogeneous texture. The result is a user-friendly product of the highest quality: silky application, flawless finish, buildable coverage, perfect hold; all this without any need for extra materials or professional equipment. Our aim is beauty combined with comfort and ease.


Couleur Caramel gives great consideration to the environment and animal welfare. Our products are tested on volunteers and never on animals. Couleur Caramel is a member of the OneVoice association internationally known for its defence of animal rights. We use recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials for our packaging and displays.


Couleur Caramel products hold the “Cosmebio” label by the certification body Ecocert, which develops standards for natural and organic cosmetics. Couleur Caramel products are suitable for all skin types, including post-treatment skin, and all lifestyles, including vegetarian. Many of Couleur Caramel’s products are suitable for strictly vegan. We use only trusted sources and support Fair Trade, whilst ensuring product quality and traceability.


  • Natural effect
  • Comfort
  • Easy application
  • Silky texture
  • Perfect hold
  • High concentration in pigments
  • Easy correction
  • Professional quality

Couleur Caramel is an ethical, responsible and respectful brand, providing high-quality, trendy and healing make-up.

Couleur Caramel is for connoisseurs; those who relish using only plant, mineral and organic products to make themselves look and feel gorgeous – without the help of a professional and at a reasonable price! It is the all-in-one brand for women, who want natural, beautiful and creative make-up.

Welcome to Couleur Caramel - the brand that will transform the way you look and the way you feel!


Beauty Well (BW) is the exclusive distributor of Couleur Caramel make-up in the UK.

The BW team is made up of health and beauty specialists with many years of experience in holistic therapy, cosmetics and make-up artistry. With their love for all things natural, BW was excited to discover the French make-up brand Couleur Caramel and wanted to make it available in the UK, for women who treasure their skin’s health.

The Beauty Well Distribution team hopes you will enjoy the Couleur Caramel range.

May your natural beauty radiate through!